You’ll Be

  • Inquisitive: you are constantly asking questions that push you, your thinking and your clients and their challenges to new places. You are a lateral thinker who is capable of spotting patterns, trends and generating ideas from unexpected places
  • Creative: you have the innate and honed ability to hear problems, frame and reframe them and discover and deliver multiple ways to solve them. You are can doing this individually and on behalf of a team
  • Calculated: you can putting down a detailed and clear plan of action with digital steps, milestones, deliverables and dates
  • Agile: Familiar with taking complex ideas and boiling them down into hypotheses and experiments that can be tested at low cost and time using digital platforms and channels
  • Passionate: The internet is your playground, lab and life. You hold a deep desire to understand not just social media or content but how the entire value chain of digital products and services transform the market, industry and the continent at large
  • Curious: Always reading, learning and teaching yourself new tips and tricks. You read widely, have taken and self-sponsored yourself with courses online and offline. Most importantly you are not content to have certifications speak for you but ensure you add real-world case studies and credible experience getting results
  • Bonus: If you’ve ran workshops before (framing the client's problem, selecting a methodology, getting buy-in, facilitating the meeting/workshop, testing and iterating, delivering outputs/learnings and presenting solutions) this will be a clear advantage as a candidate for this position

You’ll Have

  • A few years' experience at a marketing, branding, advertising and/or E-commerce agency/company
  • Significant experience in Communications Planning
  • An innate curiosity. You are a student of human behaviour and have an ability to notice things, patterns, trends and make observations on everyday occurrences
  • Experience acquiring data and interrogating it to arrive at conclusions and a point of view
  • A high “B.S. radar” where you can see through marketing and digital jargon and fluff to evaluate substance - be it from agencies, marketers or clients
  • A relentless desire to test and state hypotheses and evaluate them in the real world with real customers
  • A curiosity about growth hacking, growth marketing and specifically how e-commerce driven businesses grow and scale; from their customer journeys to their technology/marketing stacks and more
  • Had your hands dirty wearing multiple hats in digital projects - from coordinating the project, sending client updates, taking minutes and notes in brainstorms, conducting research with audiences, optimising ad campaigns, and so on.
  • The ability to figure out the right digital mix across a customer journey in both B2C and B2B environments.
  • The ability to research on a topic that is outside of your area of immediate expertise and figure out best practice and come up with a plan to execute
  • The experience of crafting plans and getting buy-in for the identifying tangible and clear results that digital
  • A point of view on marketing attribution and what works and doesn't work in Kenya/East Africa/Africa

You’ll Do

We'd like to believe we're solving the toughest challenges digital brings - both for agencies and clients alike. With this in mind, as our Digital Strategist, you'll find yourself executing on projects such as:

  • Conducting a Digital Audit to help a business in a crowded sector utilise and optimise their $1,000 per month marketing budget
  • Adapt, improve and reduce the schedule content calendar through data-driven decision-making. Creating experiments, testing alternatives and making recommendations
  • You can write a 5-page written document on a topic you’ve researched as a ‘brief’ for client to engage with ahead of a key meeting
  • Evaluate a digital agency’s 6-month performance by looking at Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and the monthly agency reports and write-ups
  • Choosing a platform and executing a lead scoring and nurturing project for a B2B company who have 3,000 e-mail addresses in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Building 3 variants of a landing page for a digital product and A/B testing them with $300 worth of Google & Facebook ad spend
  • Conceptualising and creating a 5-day email marketing course using a marketing automation tool
  • Adding Facebook pixels to landing pages, using custom audiences to retarget and upsell/cross sell on Facebook
  • Seeding a mobile app and optimising the Google Play Store page copy, visuals, video and reviews for maximum impact (downloads and reviews)
  • Curate a “trend safari” who want to understand digital in Africa for a high-ranking delegation of dignitaries from overseas. From people, places and practical immersion. You’ll be charged with chronicling the journey and delivering outputs based on the meetings, exchanges and interactions.

Bonus points if you’re capable and have tangible experience in the following projects:

  • You have coordinated the delivery of a microsite or full-on website project from start to finish. Client on-boarding & closing user journeys, wireframes, information architecture, functional specifications and the site itself
  • You have experience running multi-channel campaigns, writing marketing or creative copy and concepts
  • The words “funnel”, “lead magnet”, “tracking pixel”, Power Editor, Unbounce and Instapage are familiar or you have used competitors or alternatives to those tools
  • Experience with content management systems specifically WordPress (though Squarespace, Magento, Joomla do count) is an advantage
  • Familiarity with Search Engine Optimisation is a bonus
  • If you've booked and commissioned specialised digital experience on Fiverrr or Upwork
  • You have experience and an understanding of the high responsiveness required via email and online channels by clients and teammates

Up for the challenge?

Fill out our recruitment survey – here - so we can get to know you, your skills and experience better. Even if you don't have all the experience listed, if you're an infinite learner, you have the chance to make this position, your growth and career into your own.

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