3 Ways to be a Better Ambassador for Your Digital Initiatives

This week I give you a three-step approach to be a better ambassador for your digital initiatives. Whether that means getting bigger budgets and resources or even generally selling digital up the chain of command. You might understand what 'digital' can do for your business, but how do you get others to share the same enthusiasm for it? Especially the higher-ups at work who (mostly) believe in doing things the traditional way and see no reason to change what isn't broken. 

 Here's what you should be appealing to in your pitch:

  1. Head
    Hit them with the numbers. Gather all your statistics and numbers to make your case. We're talking size of the market, the growth rate of Internet and mobile penetration in the market and the opportunities this presents. Numbers don't lie. Need some help with this? Nendo's weekly newsletter is chock-full of these statistics and insights. Subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/cPvdGT See an archive of past issues here: https://us3.campaign-archive.com/home...
  2. Heart
    No pitch is complete without speaking to the heart. Case studies, a look at your competitors and insights on the numbers should do the trick.
  3. Hands
    Get your audience to participate in the creation process somehow. Take in their ideas, give them credible opportunities for them to take part. Co-creation always leads to an end-result that everyone is content with.

But ultimately, you want to work down from a budget. This will greatly determine what goals your audience will hold you accountable for. So think carefully about what number you are going to go in with!

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