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Nendo delivers 3 core services - Advisory, Academy and Agency. Through the Advisory practice, comes a never-before-seen data-driven report on the Kenyan and African consumer. A must-read on the state of connectivity and its impact on business, culture and society.

"After cash, mobile money and airtime, megabytes are the most important currency of the digital economy" - Mark Kaigwa.

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  • +56 pages long, available for free
  • +12 infographics, charts, data visualisations and explanations on the mobile data sector in Kenya
  • Insights and intelligence into the market, consumer and internet landscape
Download 11-page Insights & Highlights
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The State of Mobile Data 2019 Report

Advisory. Academy. Agency

 Nendo is a digital growth consultancy firm with authority in Kenya and experience across Africa.
Nendo's 3 practices are Advisory, Academy and Agency - each focused on delivering value.
Our solutions span strategy, data science, social listening, communications campaigns and more.
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Get Your Definitive Guide to the Past, Present & Future of Mobile Connectivity in Silicon Savannah

In 2019, we believe that the next wave of insights and impact will come from studying the members of Kenyan society connected by the internet. This report unpacks the state of mobile data in Kenya from the consumer’s lens.

Enter your details below to get access toThe State of Mobile Data 2019: Context, Consumption and Control and join thousands of fellow readers.

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We hope you find The State of Mobile Data report to be as impactful for you as it was for us to write it. After reading, the next step for your leadership and teams is to request a special 'unpacking' session. You may email Nendo to discuss pricing and availability to explain further the #StateofMobileData2019.

For any questions or inquiries email us at or call us on +254-717-229-619.You can also check out some of our other resources on our blog, or our YouTube channel, Digital Africa with Mark Kaigwa.*Last edits on the report were made on 15th March 2019. If you had downloaded an earlier version of the report, kindly download the latest version below.
Download Full Report
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Nendo Academy - Growing You & Your Team

Training, learning and professional development can prove critical in adapting to the needs of your digital audience. Nendo has helped dozens of teams operating in Africa fill in their internal skills gap. Discover how we can grow your skills and insights to give you a competitive edge.

Grow Your Skills

Nendo holds intellectual property on digital audiences, campaigns, competitors and customer segments in the continent. Our courses differ in terms of time and approach to best suit your team's needs.

Speak to us about how you can join an open program or we can customise and deliver a training to your team or organisation.

Nendo Advisory & Agency - Delivering Digital Growth

Nendo has access to hundreds of millions of public online updates from Kenyans. With a dedicated data analysis team, we pursue social listening thanks to our ongoing partnership with BrandwatchCrimson Hexagon. Nendo advises leaders, teams and agencies through strategy reviews, audits and workshops. Nendo's thought leadership has shown through thousands of media mentions based on our publications, reports and contributions to Africa's digital understanding of connected audiences.
As an agency, Nendo partners with clients to deliver full-service digital marketing services. This includes creative services, media buying, strategic planning, community management and reputation monitoring. Invite Nendo to your next request for proposals or pitch to learn more about our work, success stories, case studies and clients.

Core Capabilities

Nendo is a multidisciplinary team ready to deliver according to your brief, project and vision.

  • Digital Strategy - Workshops, Audits & Development
  • Social listening & data analysis
  • Digital customer experience
  • Online reputation and crisis management
  • Digital storytelling and copywriting
  • Digital media buying & audience development
  • Strategic branding, marketing and communications
  • Web design and development

Uncommon Sense on Digital Africa

We believe that Africa's 'Connected Class' is nomadic. They are more than low-end feature phones or higher-end smartphones. More than statistics. In order to understand the journey towards hearts, minds — and wallets, you'll need a compass. Digital Africa is here for your team to learn, plan and apply insights, tactics and perspectives. Watch, like, share and subscribe to get it delivered to you first.

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Top 10 most visited sites in Kenya
Episode 1: 3 ways to Use Whatsapp for Business
Episode 2: Social Media Stats in Kenya
Episode 3: 10 Most downloaded apps in Kenya
Episode 4: 3 ways to use Facebook for Customer Conversion & Retention

Download Nendo's Latest Reports & Insights

Through publishing our thoughts and engaging a community of digital practitioners across Africa, we've assembled a think-and-do tank seeking to pose audacious questions on the future. As trendspotters, we use public, private and proprietary ways to pursue the boldest challenges affecting those doing digital business in Africa. Follow us and discover Africa's 'uncommon sense'.

Analog Banks, Digital Customers

We put the top six banks in Kenya under our lens, dissecting 10,000+ customer comments, complaints and compliments on social media. Discover the unique challenges with digital customer experience that brands and marketers face. Purchase the full report and enquire about our competitive data-mining services.

Download Preview

Infographic: The Big Bang of the Internet and Social Media in Kenya

Nendo's observes the Internet, apps, websites and social media in Kenya. Discover the true size of Kenyans on Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram and other Internet and social media statistics in one, easy-to-view format.

Download Executive summary

The A to Z of Kenyan Twitter

A landmark digital storytelling project, it attempted to 'define' the terms, trends and personalities behind "Kenyans on Twitter." Using the 26 letters of the alphabet, it visited never-before-defined catchphrases, hashtags and shaped a continental conversation on the role of Twitter.

Visit the Microsite

2014/2015 Nendo Trend Report

The report that launched it all. These 15 trends shaped digital discourse and have been translated and taught in the DRC, disseminated in Cairo and discussed in Cape Town. The key themes for Broadcast Media, Corporates on Agencies, Influencers & the Audience.

Download report

The Letter N — One of Africa's Most Respected E-Mail Newsletters

Join +2,000 subscribers to The Letter N, and get founder Mark Kaigwa's 'uncommon sense' take on African Internet, online media, technology and marketing. We'll also keep you up-to-date on upcoming events, reports and insights.

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The Letter N — One of Africa's Most Respected E-Mail Newsletters

Join 1800+ subscribers to The Letter N, and get founder Mark Kaigwa's 'uncommon sense' take on African Internet, online media, technology and marketing. We'll also keep you up-to-date on upcoming events.

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“The material used was very well laid out and easy to understand. He understood in great detail the digital marketing industry and was able to conclusively deal with numerous questions. His professionalism in preparation, during and post-training shows good commitment and follow-through.”

Julia N., Development Manager, Manufacturing Company

“It was a pleasure to meet and work with Mark and his team. In case anyone is doubtful that professionals with the highest levels of ethical conduct can be found in Kenya, you should definitely find him and experience for yourself.”

Susan M., Programmes Coordinator, International Think Tank

“Mark was great for us. We had a mixed room, with some people having quite a bit of experience and others having relatively little, but Mark managed to speak to both sets of people. Also, I really like the way he was able to talk about the big-picture "how we got here" and also about the details of how to work with these tools now. Finally, although I use many of the tools Mark was speaking about, he showed me some new ones I didn't know about, which I am already finding really useful.”

Andrew S., Europe Media Director, NGO

“Mark is very passionate about social media and is up-to-date with current trends in Africa. It's amazing how he understands different business models and what would work for each when it comes to digital marketing and customer service. He is a great speaker too!”

Linet N., Customer Service Manager.

“Mark was able to take a broad topic and hone in on a relevant angle to enable our diverse audience to relate to his direction. This made the audience open up and engage with him during the talk and field great questions thereafter.”

Eugene O., General Manager, Agency.

If you're interested in doing business in Africa, in getting really meaningful insights into the African digital user base, (The Letter N) will quickly become one of the favourite things in your inbox. It is full of interesting and fascinating tidbits that will change the way you see digital engagement with your current and potential customers.

Nivi Sharma - COO of BRCK

The Letter N makes me want to stop what I’m doing and glean great insights for the week. Beyond that, Mark and his team do fantastic work and have a firm grasp on what it takes to succeed in a digital era in Africa. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for thoughtful, rigorous, and highly relevant advice for strategies on how to operate successfully in Africa.

Karibu Nyaggah - CEO of Caytree Partners

"The Nendo newsletter is superb and always worth reading. Mark and the team don't miss a beat when it comes to discovering the must-read news in digital media and marketing each week."

Dave Duarte - CEO Treeshake

N-lite-nd — A Reading Menu by Nendo

Trust Nendo to give you provocative think-pieces on interpreting global trends, unpacking key cyberculture patterns and pushing the digital envelope. You never know what we'll take on, be it the Internet, mobile, or the social media world.

Read our Blog

N-Vision — Podcasts and Audio Experiments

We're excited about the future of audio and are running a series of experiments using, Anchor FM, Soundcloud and elsewhere on the web. If you prefer to tune into a broadcast by us, follow our account and let us know what you'd like to hear.

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Growing With Our Clients

We're trusted by ambitious leaders and teams from these organisations and dozens more.

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Interested in joining our team of Natives and Nomads? Or maybe you'd just like to strike up a conversation? We're on hand and hope to hear from you.

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How Data Bundles are Made, Spent and What it all Means.

Download the Insights and Highlights of the State of Mobile Data 2019 by Nendo or provide contact details to receive the +40 page full report on launch.

Download the report