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Careers at Nendo

Why we do, what we do

Africa has a gap, as a continent. The continent being written about how technology, e-commerce, digital transformation and social networks works isn't always published from here. Nendo exists to fill this gap. Since the day we began in 2014, we've worked on delivering work we can be proud of. Work that can stand the test of time. For smart insights from local eyes like ours. We deliver regional perspective and publishing our local voices for a global impact. As Nendo, our clients trust us because we're relentless learners who focus on making them successful.

Nendo is a digital growth consultancy delivery value through 3 practices: 

Advisory - we think, research, plan, audit and direct our clients visions and roadmaps to digital transformation
Academy - we teach, train, educate and empower our clients to use their existing experience to deliver change from within
Agency - we define and deliver digital branding, marketing, and communications services to our clients to achieve their goals.

As a team, we believe in working with trust, respect and putting in the (often hard) work to get better. Teammates at Nendo frequently punch above their weight as a result of the work they put in. As a team, we believe each present and future teammate works on themselves and practices our values. We show up and expect high achievement from everyone around us.

We expect this work ethic to translate in a team setting, when practicing under the Nendo brand to deliver our content. You can see our body of work on our YouTube channel, newsletter, reports and more. We don't just work for our clients, we work for ourselves and the continent. We show up daily committed to shrinking the gap by raising our voices and building a community along the way.

This team practice and discipline shows up best when we're in front of our clients. We deliver smart insights, big visions, robust audits and creative problem solving for our clients. Our work resonates on the world-stage and represents the continent because we push ourselves, our teammates and our clients to new levels of achievement.


Digital Strategist at Nendo

About You

As Nendo’s ideal candidate for digital strategist you’ll have noticed this and worked hard to distinguish yourself, your process and your practice. You’ll have a broad lens on digital and personal convictions about what it means in the Kenyan and African contexts. You will have ideas of what works and doesn’t work. You’ll bring to the table experiments, failures and some battle-tested ideas that you can translate to results.

You’ll Be

  • Inquisitive: you are consistently asking questions that push you, your thinking and your clients and their challenges to new places.
  • Creative: you have the innate and honed ability to hear problems, frame and reframe them and discover and deliver multiple ways to solve them. You are can doing this individually and on behalf of a team
  • Calculated: you can put down a detailed and clear plan of action with digital steps, milestones, deliverables and dates
  • Agile: you are familiar with taking complex ideas and boiling them down into hypotheses and experiments that can be tested at low cost and time using digital platforms and channels
  • Passionate: The internet is your playground, lab and life. You hold a deep desire to understand not just social media or content but how the entire value chain of digital products and services transform the market, industry and the continent at large
  • Curious: Always reading, learning and teaching yourself new tips and tricks. You read widely, have taken and self-sponsored yourself with courses online and offline. Most importantly you are not content to have certifications speak for you but ensure you add real-world case studies and credible experience getting results.
  • Purposeful: Capable of moving an initiative, project, meeting and/or moment from ambiguity to tangible ways forward regarding digital
  • Communicative: you know how to get your teammates inspired and involved. You have learnt how to communicate early and often, where possible, anticipating hitches, delays or setbacks. You are capable of building in public, showing a work-in-progress and proactively seeking and receiving feedback
  • Entrepreneurial: you are capable of thinking up concepts and ideas and committed enough to prototyping or experimenting and exploring. You see gaps and patterns in the market that can earn clients an extra return and are have some understanding of business outcomes
  • You may be someone who struggles to describe what they do to other people. You’ve grown and developed a wide and valuable skillset that are eager to bring to the table
  • Bonus: If you’ve ran workshops before (framing the client's problem, selecting a methodology, getting buy-in, facilitating the meeting/workshop, testing and iterating, delivering outputs/learnings and presenting solutions) this will be a clear advantage as a candidate for this position

You’ll Have

  • A few years' experience at a marketing, communications, branding, advertising, IT/e-commerce/ agency/ startup/ company.
  • You may have thought of leaving or starting your own thing and value having a team of ambitious and driven teammates that you can execute with
  • A student of human behaviour. Your ability to notice things patterns, trends and make observations on everyday
  • Experience acquiring data and interrogating it to arrive at conclusions and a point of view
  • A high “B.S. radar” where you can see through marketing and digital jargon and fluff to evaluate substance - be it from agencies, marketers or clients
  • A relentless desire to test and state hypotheses and evaluate them in the real world with real customers
  • You’re curious about growth hacking, growth marketing and specifically how e-commerce driven businesses grow and scale. From their customer journeys to their technology/marketing stacks and more
  • Had your hands dirty wearing multiple hats in digital projects - from coordinating the project, sending client updates, taking minutes and notes in brainstorms, conducting research with audiences, optimising ad campaigns, and so on.
  • The ability to figure out the right digital mix across a customer journey in both B2C and B2B environments.
  • The ability to research on a topic that is outside of your area of immediate expertise and figure out best practice and come up with a plan to
  • The experience of crafting plans and getting buy-in for the identifying tangible and clear results that digital
  • A point of view on marketing attribution and what works and doesn't work in Kenya/East Africa/Africa

You’ll Do

We'd like to believe we're setting ourselves at Nendo to solve the toughest challenges digital brings - both for agencies and clients alike. With this in mind, as Nendo's digital strategist, you'll find yourself executing on projects such as:

  • Conducting a digital audit to help a business in a crowded sector utilise and optimise their $1,000 per month marketing budget
  • Conceptualising and creating a 5-day email marketing course using a marketing automation tool
  • Choosing a platform and executing a lead scoring and nurturing project for a B2B company who have 3,000 e-mail addresses in an Excel spreadsheet
  • Building 3 variants of a landing page for a digital product and A/B testing them with $300 worth of Google & Facebook ad spend
  • Adding Facebook pixels to landing pages, using custom audiences to retarget and upsell/cross sell on Facebook
  • Seeding a mobile app and optimising the Google Play Store page copy, visuals, video and reviews for maximum impact (downloads and reviews)
  • Curate a “trend safari” who want to understand digital in Africa for a high-ranking delegation of dignitaries from overseas. From people, places and practical immersion. You’ll be charged with chronicling the journey and delivering outputs based on the meetings, exchanges and interactions.
  • Evaluate a digital agency’s 6-month performance by looking at Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics and the monthly agency reports and write-ups
  • Adapt, improve and reduce the schedule content calendar through data-driven decision-making. Creating experiments, testing alternatives and making recommendations
  • The experience of crafting plans and getting buy-in for the identifying tangible and clear results that digital
  • You can write a 5-page written document on a topic you’ve researched as a ‘brief’ for client to engage with ahead of a key meeting

The following count as bonus points if you're capable and have tangible experience in the following projects:

  • You have coordinated the delivery of a microsite or full-on website project from start to finish. Client on-boarding & closing user journeys, wireframes, information architecture, functional specifications and the site itself
  • You have experience running multi-channel campaigns, writing marketing or creative copy and concepts
  • The words “funnel”, “lead magnet”, “tracking pixel”, Power Editor, Unbounce and Instapage are familiar or you have used competitors or alternatives to those tools
  • Experience with content management systems specifically WordPress (though Squarespace, Magento, Joomla do count) is an advantage
  • Any familiarity with Search Engine Optimisation is a bonus
  • If you've booked and commissioned specialised digital experience on Fiverr or Upwork
  • You have experience and an understanding of the high responsiveness required via email and online channels by clients and teammates
Up for the challenge?

Send a cover letter and a CV/biography by email to with the subject line “Digital Strategist @ Nendo”. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. At Nendo we’re an equal opportunity employer and encourage women, youth and persons with disabilities to apply. Complete the form below and submit your application.

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Our Values

At Nendo, we work as a team. As professionals we aim to show up in the small and big details to have an impact on our clients, our teammates, the industry and the continent.

We consistently run experiments on Nendo platforms as ‘practice’ for client situations. We stay prepared, purposeful and practical. We care about our craft. Our values are critical to understand who we are and what it means to be a part of our team. We've made sacrifices to put these values first and will seek them out in any and every teammate to join us. We expect you will take the time to read and internalise them.

  1. Make it Better - We are constantly asking this question of ourselves - how can we make things better? Be it internally or externally. We reward continuous and deliberate growth and improvement. We desire to make changes, even to existing processes that work “well enough.” This applies to our teammates, partners and clients. We strive for excellence in every way and depend on each of our teammates to show up and improve themselves, their team and our clients daily. This means we invite teammates to give each other feedback and hold one another to a high standard with respect.
  2. Progress over Perfection - We obsess about making things happen and move. It is easy to come up with reasons why things stall, break and pause. At Nendo, each day, you’ll have the chance to make an impact on yourself, the client, the team and the firm's goals. There are few slow days because we choose to make improvements, working on our own platforms or run experiments for practice. Every day we seek to pursue progress and aim to deliver a lasting impact. Clients trust us to think of creative ways to maintain progress. We don't compromise our standards, but we don't get paralysed seeking perfection. We find the healthy tension between maintaining progress and perfection.
  3. Each One Teach One - We want people who will learn and teach us and our clients. We prioritise personal and professional development at Nendo. We seek out people with an intense desire to use the internet to teach themselves. An autodidact, to be specific. We believe digital audiences are ‘nomadic’ hence our ability to learn, experiment, document learnings and teach one another is paramount. We put a premium on curiosity as a fundamental recipe for our success. You must be able to research, learn, apply and revise your practice constantly.
  4. Ask ‘great’ questions - We are only as good as the questions we ask. We are pushing ourselves, our partners and clients not to think in cookie-cutter ways. Each teammate’s ability to improve our contributions as a team lies on them consistently asking questions, critical thinking and framing/reframing problems and challenges. Curiosity to think of a question, a desire for clarity and the courage to keep asking are all ways this is put in practice.
  5. Responsive by Design - We are a team glued together by trust and consistent communication. Our ability to individually communicate early and often using digital channels like Basecamp & WhatsApp is critical. We speak up, we speak early and hold one another up to a high standard. We choose to communicate even when it is uncomfortable or inconvenient with a view to maintaining open lines of communication and building our responsiveness.

Each teammate at Nendo aims to show up daily with: a growth mindset, a positive attitude, the commitment be focus and exert effort, the desire to exhibit initiative, as described by Covey's The 8th Habit, the decision to show ownership and the persistence to seek understanding from their fellow teammates and clients.

Team Philosophy

At Nendo, you’ll be joining great thinkers, doers, collaborators, and partners. “Nomads” are specialists, mavericks, freelancers and consultants who pitch in on projects. “Natives” are people you’ll work with daily; the core team. People you will be sitting next to at lunch, exchanging notes and ideas on Basecamp and headed to meetings with. The everyday team that keeps everything running.

Your Teammates

We see ourselves similar to a sports team/franchise. This means across roles, we're looking for A-players with the right mix of potential, domain knowledge and experience. To define these in more detail:

  1. Potential - you are only getting started and as social media changes, expands, grows and deepens, so do your skills and curiosity. You get better with each project you touch and you have a growth mindset (even if you lack the experience at this present time in your career).
  2. Domain knowledge - there's no substitute for voracious reading, watching, listening and consuming social media content. Whether websites, case studies, podcasts or industry news, you consume it. You are continually expanding your horizons from Africa and the rest of the world, keeping up with trends and forming ideas and hypotheses of your own.
  3. Experience - whether you've ever set foot in an agency or office before, you bring your own lived-in experience. You are capable of assimilating into a team and adding value. You can bring people together to deliver a plan, help the team coordinate and measure our results.

As an ideal member of our team, you stand out because (in your own way), you represent our philosophy of 'practice' and 'game time.' Similar to an athlete, you show up for your own 'practice' i.e. spending time learning, refining your craft and making daily improvements.

You are then able to bring such learnings and an attitude into a team environment to coordinate on Nendo assets, test new ideas and initiate new projects. Lastly, the learnings and continual experiences gained in your personal work and team work allow you to deliver above-average work and results on client projects and situations.

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We’re hiring an intermediate digital strategist to lead and coordinate our thinking through an important next phase for Nendo. At Nendo, you’ll be joining great thinkers, doers, collaborators, and partners.

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