3 Ways to Use Facebook for Customer Conversion and Retention

TODAY: 3 Ways to Use Facebook to Convert New Customers & Keep Them Buying. How do you activate the 7.1 monthly active users of Facebook in Kenya for your business? πŸ“© Get this and more when you sign up to *The Letter N* newsletter at http://eepurl.com/cPvdGT 

  1.  Retaining existing customers: Seek out the phone and emails of your customers, upload them to Facebook to find out whether they like your page and/or target them. 
  2. Get similar customers to buy from you by targeting 'Look-alike' audiences. Again, take existing phone numbers and emails and find people with similar patterns, be it purchasing, age, likes and preferences.
  3. πŸ“ˆ Get more to buy by using social proof. Take advantage of 'word of mouse' to build trust among your customers. Be responsive to messages and ask happy customers to give testimonials. "Rate and review" goes a long way, a prospective customer is more likely to be converted when they see a positive comment from their friend or someone they know. 

 Don't have a substantial following on your page yet? Here's a tip: βœ… Use family and friends to apply the above steps. It will give your page some momentum. 


Facebook Marketing tips Billy Funk How to use Facebook for Business Thanks for watching Digital Africa with Mark Kaigwa. 

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