Top 5 Brands of Customer Service Week 2017 and Insights for 2018 from 7,000+ Tweets

This week we take a look back at the Customer Service Week, 2017. Nendo studied 7,369 tweets by #KOT and created a report and infographic on how companies and customers interacted online. 

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Customer Service Week 2017 is a global celebration of customers initiated in Kenya by the Institute for Customer Experience (ICX Kenya). From an analysis of 7,369 tweets generated over the week of 2nd to the 6th of October, the top brands and employees that went out of their way to delight and appreciate their customers online were:

  1. Liquid Telecom
  2. KCB Group
  3. Huduma Kenya
  4. Kenya Airways

These brands actively pushed content mentioning the hashtag #CSWeek2017, earning them a spot on the list. Of course, ICX Kenya being the organisers of the event, were also active on the tag.

At the same time, the #TweetLikeKCB challenge put KCB at the top of the chart for brands with the most customer responses to their activities during the week.

What about the tools used? 57.02% of the tweets sent during the week were sent from mobile devices, 45.83% of these being from Android devices. Thumbs of the customers do speak the loudest.

Read more on the voice of the corporates and customers and the Keyword analysis listing the top phrases and words mentioned during the week in the report:


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