Eggstra Fun in the Garden

To celebrate the Easter month 2019, we created a unique thematic campaign to promote the different activities that were at the mall and highlight the special activities for the Easter month only. The campaign included conceptualizing creating and roll out of all artworks both on digital and offline media (banners, flyers, t-shirts, in-mall branding etc)

Some of our objectives were:

  1. Create awareness about the Easter month activities
  2. Drive foot traffic to the mall through digital activations & awareness campaigns
  3. Position the campaign for the month in a unique and distinct visual style

Our Approach

Eggstra Fun in the Garden

The campaign was named ‘Eggstra Fun in the Garden’, a derivative from the words ’Extra’ and ‘Egg’ the unanimous visual representation of the Easter period. The word ‘Garden’ was representative of the place ‘Garden City’. We accompanied this big idea with catchy hashtags that were present on all social posts.

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What we did


We conceptualised the branding for the campaign, that formed the basis of all communication material for the entire campaign, from print to digital.

Graphic Design

We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.

Media Buying

We setup and run digital ads across multiple social media and digital platforms, to attain our target for the campaign.

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