Giraffe Centre: Website Redesign.

Nendo worked closely with the Giraffe Centre team to help them better understand their customers through one-on-one interviews with customers and staff. Combining insights and data gathered on-ground and our expertise and understanding of the digital landscape and a digital consumer, we map out a user journey to unify and find a meeting point between the institution, and it's customers. In addition to strategic advisory and internal documentation and visualization, one of the key outcomes was a redesigned website that better showcased the institution and allowed online ticket bookings. Nendo also helped with photography for better images to be used across the new website.

Nendo helped create:

  • User Journey mapping
  • Data Collection & Research (Interviews)
  • Strategic Advisory
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Website Development
  • Photography and editing

Our Approach

We intended to use the old adage “Say it with a smile”, but with a spin, ultimately turning it into “Say “it” with Bargain Basement” and with items that can be purchased from the sale. We accompanied this big idea with catchy hashtags that were present on all social posts.

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What we did

Strategic Advisory

Based on our findings, analysis and insights, we strategically advised the client and shared our recommendations. We also regularly informed secondary decision-makers within the firm..

Web Design

We created a customised landing page that solely captured all the traffic from the campaign and converted the user, by helping them reserve the date and RSVP to the event

Graphic Design

We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.

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