Precious Love Story

To celebrete Valentine's Day, and raise awareness about Rajshyn Jewellers, a Jewellery shop at Garden City, we created a campaign, that prompted Garden City's followers to share their love stories and why they are the best candidate of the more than Ksh. 40,000 ring. We shot, edited and produced the entire campaign, from photography if the images used in the campaign, shooting the promotional campaign video and editing of the video into different cuts that were used as different ads. We also documented the winner and them receiving the gift after the campaign was complete.

Nendo heloed create:

  • Awareness about the campaign
  • Drove more visitors to Garden City and Rajshyn Jewellers
  • Attention about Rajshyn Jewellers and their offering

Our Approach


Win-a-Ring was a digital campaign to promote Garden CIty's jewellery shop, Rajshyn Jewellers. To celebrete Valentine's Day, Rajshyn Jewellers partnered with Garden City to award a winner of the best love story with a ring worth more than Ksh40,000. For maximum reach and awarenes the campaign was run on Garden City pages and all traffic directed to

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What we did

Video Production

We shot, edited and produced video content. This included on-site production, post-production and roll out of the campaign using the video material

Graphic Design

We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.


We conceptualised the branding for the campaign, that formed the basis of all communication material for the entire campaign, from print to digital.

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