Breaking Down The #EndSARS Conversation Increase From 48M to 99M Tweets

Last week, we shared a breakdown on the #EndSars conversation throughout the globe. We're back with an update after analyzing an additional 51M tweets!

The #EndSars movement is only getting stronger. Tweets have increased from 48M-99M since our last thread!

Total Impressions from 158M-273M

Total users tweeting from 5M-8M

The first peak was on Friday the 16th.  

There were a total of 12,792,203 tweets with a majority of users offering airtime to continue the #EndSars movement online.

Even more tweets were recorded on Wednesday 21st with a total of 15,475,861 accounted for. Conversations on this day referenced the #LekiMassacre in Nigeria that saw peaceful protestors gunned down.

Conversations continue to go global with coverage of the protest from news platforms such as @TIME, @Reuters, @washingtonpost, @guardian, @TheDailyShow and Human rights organizations such as @amnesty.

Other top contributors to the #endSARS conversation were influential voices in the online space, such as @HillaryClinton, @BillClinton, @Diddy, @rihanna, @chancetherapper, Twitter CEO @jack.

The top 10 countries drove the #EndSARS conversation even more since our last thread, with a new entrant, Germany, coming in 9th. 

  • #Nigeria 🇳🇬 +44M
  • USA 🇺🇸 +4M
  • UK 🇬🇧 +1M 
  • Ghana 🇬🇭 +1M
  • Indonesia 🇮🇩 +920k
  • Canada 🇨🇦 +786k
  • SA 🇿🇦 +640k
  • UAE 🇦🇪 +186k
  • Germany 🇩🇪 +138k 
  • Ireland 🇮🇪 +138k

That's not all: For deeper insights on the #EndSARS conversation view Nendo's more extensive blog post with more insights and an infographic for further analysis here.

The team at Nendo is available for media interviews and private insights presentations, deeper trend reports, and multichannel data analysis by emailing all material is copyright of Nendo.

All data here is courtesy of @Brandwatch and its Consumer Research platform. To understand the internet and African user habits and sentiments, request a demo of the platform to learn how it can be used by your firm.

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