Kenya's Digital Landscape: Infographics & Stats on Social Media, Website, Mobile App & Internet Use

Kenya Social Media Statistics

Download Infographics on Mobile & Internet Users by Nendo

Note: For the latest in desktop, social media, website and Android apps, download Nendo's State of Mobile Data 2019 report. It is a +50 page report with the insights and infographics you need for 2019 and 2020

Top 10 Desktop Websites

From social to search and everything in-between, here's how Kenyans are spending their time online.

Download the infographic here -  Top 10 Desktop Websites

Top 10 Android Apps

Online shopping, digital borrowing and instant messaging — what's hot on Android in Kenya.

Download the infographic here - Top 10 Android Apps.

Top 10 iOS Apps

Ride-hailing and social media apps dominate the devices of Apple users, but e-commerce takes the top spot.

Download the infographic here - Top 10 iOS Apps

Top Internet Statistics from Kenya

Snapchat, TrueCaller and more stats on the Kenyan Digital Landscape.

Download the infographic here - Top Internet Stats in Kenya

Last updated: July, 2018. 

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