Nendo's Must-Read Report: COVID-19's Impact on 10-Sectors

COVID-19 has transformed the globe and society in a matter of months. With over 1 million confirmed cases worldwide, thousands of lives lost and markets reeling in the wake of the pandemic, the world continues to come to grips with the impact of the Novel Coronavirus.

People’s health and wellbeing, as well as their behaviour and routines, have been affected. Nendo, in response to this, has done a review of ten sectors in a bid to explain the impact and the consequences on the individual consumer and the institutions - be they public or private - that are part of that sector.

We shared it privately with clients and tailored it to their employees, enterprise and current priorities. We’re giving you the information here but still doing digital paid speaking engagements with tailored context and additional insights. Please email me back if you want a similar experience for your leadership team. This is a time to focus on internal (staff and suppliers) and external (customers, shareholders, and the general public) communications.

Attached is a summary snapshot for easy reading based on observations and predictions. If any of this seems commonplace, understand this public version is coming to you some weeks after it has been seen by our clients in greater detail. You can always reach out if you are interested in a deeper dive for your leadership team or for reference.

Nendo's Covid Report

If you want a hashtag to share this with others, you can use #CovidImpactKE. As always, my team and I remain here and are tracking the impact in a series of weekly Twitter and social media updates with stats like this one. If you don’t already follow us, please do.

If any of this has been of value, please share this newsletter and infographic with a friend or anyone you think would benefit from it. Pass it around in WhatsApp groups or anywhere you prefer to. I wish you well and hope you stay safe, wear a mask (as the CDC has recently directed the public to do), wash your hands and maintain good hygiene in these trying times.

Mark and Team Nendo

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