Could a 5-minute delay cost your customer Ksh 50,000?

Every second , thousands of customers use social media to comment and complain about their experiences. Your brand may not reach them before scammers do.

Guard your reputation

The Problem

Social media fraudsters are targeting customers of leading brands in banking, telecoms, fintech, home internet, and utilities.

Social media scammers are searching for any mentions of the brand and intercepting customers - posing as genuine brands.

Unsuspecting customers, who are used to quick replies, start private messages with fraudsters.

They quickly become victims of fraud through social engineering, identity theft, SIM swaps, and other cybercrimes.

Brands are left with angry customers who publicise their stories online and in the media.

Customers slow their service or close their accounts - costing brands revenue.

Customers lose millions, while brands face millions more in reputational damage.

It gets worse: when fraudsters are reported and their social media accounts are suspended, they simply open new ones and continue to target other unaware customers.

This is a never-ending cycle that even blue or gold checkmarks cannot solve.

Some brands have invested in tools, but aren't utilising them beyond vanity metrics and basic search queries - rendering them ineffective in solving this critical challenge.

The Solution

Most brands are only monitoring social media. They only receive @replies of their brand.

Without social media listening brands miss out on conversations between customers and fraudsters until it is too late.

Specialised social media listening uses software, alerts, and expert analysis to create an early-warning system for threat detection and Nendo's experts equip teams for action to manage risks.

Brands are flying blind, discovering the problem when it is too late.

Customers need behaviour-changing communication to warn them.

Brands need to react quickly and become proactive. Especially publicly-traded companies who may witness a social media crisis affect their share price.

Why Nendo?

Nendo is a digital research and communications firm that has supported brands like Safaricom, Jambojet, and NCBA Bank for over five years.

Nendo uses world-class AI-based technologies to analyse millions of customer and fraudster conversations to perform complex forms of social media research, reputation management, and develop customer experience practices.

Nendo provides software sales, support, and services (reporting and reputation monitoring) for brands.

Whether in English, Swahili, Sheng, or Slang. Nendo's experience cuts across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and over 10 other countries in Africa in multiple languages from Pidgin to Portuguese.

In 2021 and 2022, Nendo conducted first-of-its-kind research on digital financial services fraud with a global team of leading European researchers looking at Kenya and Uganda.

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