Nendo delivers learning and professional development for senior leaders in Branding, Marketing, Communications, Customer Experience, Strategy, and Operations. Nendo borrows from its proprietary 'library of trends' collected over 3 years with examples of brands from all over Africa. Talk to us about your training needs for 2020.

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Mark was able to take a broad topic and hone in on a relevant angle to enable our diverse audience to relate to his direction. This made the audience open up and engage with him during the talk and field great questions thereafter.

~ Eugene O., General Manager, Agency.g

“Mark is very passionate about social media and is up-to-date with current trends in Africa. It's amazing how he understands different business models and what would work for each when it comes to digital marketing and customer service. He is a great speaker too!”

~ Linet N., Customer Service Manager.

“Mark was great for us. We had a mixed room, with some people having quite a bit of experience and others having relatively little, but Mark managed to speak to both sets of people. Also, I really like the way he was able to talk about the big-picture "how we got here" and also about the details of how to work with these tools now. Finally, although I use many of the tools Mark was speaking about, he showed me some new ones I didn't know about, which I am already finding really useful.”

~ Andrew S., Europe Media Director, NGO

“It was a pleasure to meet and work with Mark and his team. In case anyone is doubtful that professionals with the highest levels of ethical conduct can be found in Kenya, you should definitely find him and experience for yourself.”

~ Andrew S., Europe Media Director, NGO

“The material used was very well laid out and easy to understand. He understood in great detail the digital marketing industry and was able to conclusively deal with numerous questions. His professionalism in preparation, during and post-training shows good commitment and follow-through.”

~ Julia N., Development Manager, Manufacturing Company

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