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Services Offered

  • User Experience
  • Research
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography
We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.

Graphic Design

Based on our findings, analysis and insights, we strategically advised the client and shared our recommendations. We also regularly informed secondary decision-makers within the firm..

Strategic Advisory

We created a customised landing page that solely captured all the traffic from the campaign and converted the user, by helping them reserve the date and RSVP to the event

Web Design

Platforms Used

  • User Experience & Analysis
  • In-person data collection
  • Field photography
  • Physical site visits
  • Wordpress


Project Overview

During the project Nendo did the following:

  • User Experience & Analysis
  • In-person data collection
  • Field photography
  • Site visits
  • WordPress

Daily, 7AM
This 100-to-300 word email and PDF report sum up the previous 24-hours for the brand with action points, areas of concern and a snapshot of insights. It features screenshots of trending updates, threats to brand safety and high-level insights on behaviour. They set the table for any deep dives that come later in the day, week or month to revisit. A weekly digest of the same is made every Monday.
Brand Tracker
Monthly, by the 5th
The Brand Tracking Report looks into the state of the brand, according to various metrics and areas of interest for key leadership. An important breakthrough of this was developed in April of 2018 when Nendo began to track brand perceptions around mobile data bundles. Specifically contrasting negative sentiment into two specific metrics to be compared month-on-month. The first was stealing concerns. This referred to the number of customers whose complaints centred around the idea that Safaricom was “stealing” from them because their mobile data bundles were being consumed quickly. The second metric tracked price sensitivity. This metric tracked customers who felt that Safaricom was pricier (or less value for money) compared to competitors. As different campaigns, offers, promotions and products were launched, these metrics were compared (as well as more pre-agreed metrics tailored to Safaricom’s priorities).
Communications Tracker
Monthly, by the 5th
Monitoring communications and their efficacy is vital to delivering insights for marketing effectiveness. Nendo monitors Safaricom’s outbound communications and compares this with competitors, including the range of comments, compliments and complaints. Customers tend to have creative suggestions and important responses to communications from the brand. Nendo tracks this with a view to assessing the communications and its engagement, delivery and consumer response.
Campaign Tracker
When campaigns are launched by the Brand, Marketing and Communications Team within Safaricom, Nendo is on standby for special reports. During the first week of the launch of the product, campaign, offer or promotion, Nendo delivers daily reports with specific feedback for stakeholders. Dashboards and Alerts are set up to provide real-time data and insights for stakeholders. Nendo also makes content calendar recommendations based on consumer insights during the first week, leaving room for implementation and adjustments.
Intent To Churn/Join
A hallmark of Nendo’s reporting has been creating and monitoring consumer intent. The “Intent to Churn” and “Intent to Join” charts provide key leaders with a high-level customer view that is future-facing. Using Crimson Hexagon’s artificial intelligence platform BrightView, Nendo has developed a scoring mechanism to classify the customer responses to Safaricom products and services. This allows for existing marketing and communications campaigns to be evaluated by whether they shifted sentiment among the customer base and drove consumer intent to join or addressed intent to churn or leave the service. The implications on this touch on more than just the marketers, as it assists technical teams to keep score and service delivery high to maintain customer experience.
Communications Tracker
Communications Tracker
Communications Tracker

Use Cases

Key Challenge
Nendo Solution
Corporate Communications
Influencer Identification, Engagement and Reporting on Performance and Delivery
With influencers commanding high prices, what is the best way to evaluate success and, keep discovering and sourcing new influencer talent? Nendo, through a series of special reports for senior leaders in this business unit, gave insights and recommendations that saved the business funds, aligned incentives of the influencers and agencies and uncovered micro-influencers to experiment and engage with for upcoming campaigns.
Corporate Communications
Visual Share of Voice
Safaricom’s logo is one of the region’s most recognizable. As part of the journey towards giving insights into this, Nendo performed various analyses of imagery online to spot and highlight the Safaricom logo. This was primarily to search for threats as far as brand safety is concerned. This also allowed a visual share of voice to be calculated; however, there are a limited number of brands from Africa with which to be compared.
Competitor Tracking and Customer Insights
When serving the team building out Masoko.com, Nendo analysed the online inventory of Jumia, Kilimall and other rivals. This was done, including analysing their social media complaints and comments for further first-person insight. Their websites were analysed for performance, Facebook ads interrogated to understand their promotional priorities and their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages reviewed to determine their content calendars to better understand their marketing objectives. This was all performed to give the Masoko team an edge when understanding their competition.
Research & Insights
Customer Segmentation on Digital Platforms
Safaricom has long prioritised the work of understanding its customers beyond the standard metric for all telecoms companies of ARPU (average revenue per user). Nendo was charged in 2018 to develop a lens to view its digital customers. Using outside insights, Nendo analysed over 130,000 online updates and +20 variables to create a set of digital segments of users.

From internet users who were sparsely using the internet, yet had high-end smartphones to first-time entry-level smartphone users. Nendo also identified a set of key descriptors that the branding and marketing team could incorporate to reach and engage with existing customers, based on how they described themselves.
Research & Insights
Tracking Digital Customer Satisfaction
Customer experience metrics matter in the competitive landscape. Nendo created a model using the six basic human emotions, according to Dr Paul Ekman, Surprise, Fear, Disgust, Anger, Joy and Sadness. From these, Nendo crafted a monthly satisfaction score that helps the business keep tabs on its performance in the marketplace.
Brand & Marketing, Customer Experience
Branded & Unbranded Mentions
Social media teams and brands require a higher level of insight to know the full ‘galaxy’ of terms that customers use when engaging them. Nendo successfully mapped out Safaricom’s products and services, ranked them by their share of voice from customers, and then analysed customer behaviour to find alternate phrases, slang and keywords used to refer to the products.

For example, Safaricom’s financial services platforms include M-PESA, M-Shwari and FULIZA. In addition, Safaricom’s financial service department is an enabler of technology and has key client relationships such as Kenya Power, Nairobi Water, SportPesa, Betika, among other partners. Within this are mentions of Safaricom, its related products and services and other relevant updates where @SafaricomPLC and/or @Safaricom_Care, its two official handles are not tagged.

For these, Nendo created Boolean queries to capture the more extensive keyword network and allow for a full review of the brand to be conducted. This allows the customer experience teams to determine which issues they want to proactively respond to and engage with while maintaining their response rates/times for direct queries.
Software and Information Technology
Digital Customer Journey Analysis
Safaricom has launched a range of digital products, services and experiences. As part of this, there is a need for constant feedback and review to improve.For its Facebook and Telegram chatbot, Zuri, Nendo performed a detailed technical analysis of the natural language processing capabilities and pre-scripted responses from the organisation. This gave technical feedback on improvements and areas of impact, based on the review and experience with customer comments from the year before.

For Safaricom Platinum, the proposition aimed at high-value customers, Nendo was able to identify a user-experience issue that was limiting the number of signups after launch. After delivering a comprehensive user experience review, Nendo recommended the placement of a signup button based on its proximity to the thumb of the everyday mobile internet user in Kenya. Using the top 10 list of smartphones, the screen size (in inches) and assessing placement, Nendo was able to make recommendations for technical adjustments that led to an increase in signups to the service.

In addition to strategic advisory and internal documentation and visualization, one of the key outcomes was a redesigned website that better showcased the institution and allowed online ticket bookings. Nendo also helped with photography for better images to be used across the new website.

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