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Services Offered

We setup and run digital ads across multiple social media and digital platforms, to attain our target for the campaign.

Media Buying

Based on our findings, analysis and insights, we strategically advised the client and shared our recommendations. We also regularly informed secondary decision-makers within the firm..

Strategic Advisory

We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.

Graphic Design

We conceptualised the branding for the campaign that formed all communication material for the entire campaign, from print to digital.

Digital Marketing

Platforms Used


ROAS of 599.87% 

+100 total site visits

66% MQL to SQL conversion rate.


Karibu Homes is a leading developer of housing, passionate about expanding homeownership as far down the income ladder as is commercially possible. Karibu Homes is recognised as a catalyst in driving the creation of affordable housing. With the pandemic disrupting many sectors including real estate, Karibu Homes engaged Nendo to promote sales for one of its housing projects Riverview, located in Athi River.

Project Overview  

Nendo’s primary objective was to encourage interested and potential customers to schedule and visit Riverview Athi River to speak further with agents.

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The client's major priority was to receive quality leads over quantity. Not all buyers are created equal. The duration between discovering a potential property and the actual sale can take several weeks or months. In between, the buyer may also assess and weigh other options. 

First, we directed the target audience towards a landing page with the resources and relevant information needed to consider Riverview as a property of choice. 

We moved these leads further down the funnel by encouraging them to schedule a site visit. We then shared these MQLs with the sales team. You should note that this 'funnel' is hardly a straight line. We kept several leads warm by updating them with relevant content including educational information, features and benefits of the properties, and key updates. Eventually some made a direct enquiry, while others went cold.


As a result, our marketing efforts helped generate over +3000 qualified leads and an ROAS of 599.87%.

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