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What we did

We wrote reports on the various briefs and requests from the client. The reports were crucial in keeping the client informed and as a means of documenting the project.


Based on our findings, analysis and insights, we strategically advised the client and shared our recommendations. We also regularly informed secondary decision-makers within the firm..

Strategic Advisory

Platforms Used


About Safaricom PLC

Safaricom is Kenya’s leading telecommunications company. The firm delivers a range of solutions touching on voice, data, home internet, financial services and agribusiness. Until 2017, Safaricom had primarily relied on external agencies and partners to provide digital tracking.

In 2018 and 2019, Safaricom PLC engaged Nendo as its Digital Tracking agency. This role saw Nendo serve the telecoms firm in two core ways..

  • Delivering Digital-led Research and Insights to Safaricom Staff & Senior Leaders
  • Sourcing and Securing a Social Listening License for Safaricom PLC
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Our Approach

Digitally-led Research and Insights to Safaricom Staff

In delivering Digital-led Research and Insights to Safaricom Staff, to providing the Crimson Hexagon software license to the business, Nendo was retained as their Digital Tracking Agency to provide specialised services for leadership and teams within Safaricom’s business

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