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Services Offered

  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Reporting
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Web Design
We created different types of media that were used across the campaign period on various social media platforms.

Graphic Design

We conceptualised the branding for the campaign that formed all communication material for the entire campaign, from print to digital.

Digital Marketing

We wrote reports on the various briefs and requests from the client. The reports were crucial in keeping the client informed and as a means of documenting the project.


Based on our findings, analysis and insights, we strategically advised the client and shared our recommendations. We also regularly informed secondary decision-makers within the firm..

Strategic Advisory

We created a customised landing page that solely captured all the traffic from the campaign and converted the user, by helping them reserve the date and RSVP to the event

Web Design

Platforms Used

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Google


  • 617% growth in active app users
  • 5M Impressions

Project Overview

  1. Raising awareness and growing a user base for the financial app
  2. Creating and sharing a step-by-step playbook with strategic guidelines on how to  launch and grow in other African countries.


The client’s major priority wasn’t focused on generating a large number of app installs, but to promote a steady growth in sticky active app users.  However, to grow sticky active users, app installs are required! Sounds simple enough, but from an advertising perspective, this is crucial.

Considering this, our marketing strategy needed to prioritize growing an audience that would make regular transactions and offer longer lifetime customer value. This meant communicating strategically across various stages from awareness to retention.

Custom illustrations designed for Stax communication material
Custom illustrations designed for Stax communication material
In-app banner designed for the Stax app
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Driving Installs

Nendo raised awareness of Stax using paid and earned media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, and Youtube. Here creative, motion graphics, and influencer led activities focused on a promotional approach speaking more to “what” Stax app is and “why” our target audience should use it.

Nendo also redesigned the Stax landing page to include more information about the app, how to use it, banks and countries available, as well as FAQs to help foster consideration and encourage more people to learn more and download the app. This led to a 333% increase in average engagement time on the landing page.

Retention & Re-engagement

Nendo engaged with app users on various platforms.

  • Social Media Channels:  we targeted users with key updates, social proof, educational content highlighting “how” they can maximize on the app, and other relevant communication including running a giveaway campaign to encourage more in-app activity. Nendo also lent a hand in community management, answering FAQs.  
  • In app: Nendo created in-app graphics that were used to promote seasonal or strategic in-app communication.
Social media post designs for Stax
Sample artworks created for Stax
Customised illustrations created for Stax by Nendo
Mockup of a branded Instagram page for Stax
One of the key visuals created for Stax
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How to scale your app into new markets. Download our free playbook!

Using our learnings, we created a playbook for Hover to act as a step-by-step guide they could use when launching Stax into new markets. Nendo is sharing a free generalized version that you can use to help increase installs and in-app engagements for your own mobile applications!

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